Colonial gold

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Colonial gold granite is a stunning cream and white stone that is loved for its golden cream tones. It is quarried in Madurai District, Tamilnadu. The overall cream color of this stone is provided by the stunning bedrock. The bedrock is usually very uniform in its color – which creates a great light / neutral backdrop for the complex patterns. The stone is littered with small grey mineral deposits, these are actually quartz and can range in color from a very light grey (almost white), through to a medium grey. These stunning little crystals add a shine and sparkle to the stone – and look great when exposed to lots of natural light. The large golden patches that give this granite its name are the most predominant feature of most slabs. They can range in color from a very light amber, all the way through to a stunning warm golden tone. They are usually found in both isolated patches – and large long winding veins. They complement the grey quartz deposits and the cream bedrock beautifully creating a warm and luxurious effect