Supplied paving stone(150*150*80mm) & granite pillers(1000*150*150mm) of Classic Red Granite for the latest renovation held in 2016.

Suppied Ash Black Granite in 1200*600*100mm 

Supplied Kerb Stone of Ash Black (300*300*150), Kerb Stone of Absolute Black (300*150*150) & JJN Red slabs in 40&30mm thickness.

Supplied Imperial Red Granite in cut to size 1200*600*30mm

Supplied Imperial Red Granite in cut to size 1200*600*40mm and random slabs in same colour. 

Supplied polished slabs of Jhansi Red in 18mm thickness

Supplied planters(600*250*200) and cut-to size material of Sira Grey Granite in 40&50mm thickness.

Supplied polished slabs of Ash Black Granite & P-White Granite.

Supplied Kurana Pink Granite in cut-to sizes(600*600) in 40mm thickness and tablets(300*300*150)

Supplied JJN Red Granite(600*300*25mm) and Ash Black Granite(1200*600*100mm)

Supplied Jhansi Red Granite in cut-to size 1200*600*60mm

Supplied Imperial red Granite in cut-to size 1200*600*60mm.

Supplied Imperial red Granite in cut-to size 1200*600*60mm.

Supplied Classic Red Granite slabs and Steps in various thicknesses.

Supplied Lakha Red Granite in cut-to sizes(1200*600*40mm).

Supplied Silver Star Granite slabs of 200mm & cut to size(400*600*200) material.

Supplied random slabs of Volga Blue Granite-flamed finish in 20mm thickness

Imperial red Slabs in 18mm & 30mm thickness

Lakha Red Granite in different cut to sizes, Ash Black Granite slabs in shot blast finsh

Supplied Jjn Red slabs in 18mm thickness for whole station

Supplied Imperial Red Granite slabs in 18mm & 30mm

Supplied Ash black Granite in semi shotblast in slabs 30mm & 20mm and different sizes. Sizes: 300*600*60mm, 400*200*60mm, 900*210*60mm, 100*100*60mm

Supplied Steel Grey Granite in lapatto finish in sizes 200*200*40mm. & Imperial Red Granite Flamed finish in sizes 200*600*40mm.

Oguzkhan presidential palace, Turkmenistan
Lotus Temple, Delhi
Hamad International Airport, Doha
Taj Santacruz, Mumbai
Dlf Cyber Park, Gurugram
Vegas Mall, Delhi
Dlf Cyber Park, Gurugram